Vice President



Phone: 310-990-4888

As a California registered architect of over 15 years, Mr. Price brings over a decade of experience working for some of the top Architecture and Real Estate firms in the nation. Early years included work with HKS and LRG architects and half a decade with New York base Related Companies. Specializing in luxury, high density, multifamily high -rise residential, Mr. Price is well versed in hospitality, retail, museum, corporate and commercial development. With a diverse background on both the Architect's and Owner's teams, he brings unique expertise from all stages of the process, from conception to final completion, and beyond. In recent years, Mr. Price has diversified his skill base to include the architecture of the body. He was certified as a massage therapist in 2019 to better understand the wellness space and improve his overall health and well-being, and the health of others.